About Art Launch

Here at Art Launch we’re proud to introduce a new way to bring artists from around the world together with fans using a familiar crowdfunding platform, but with unique aspects. Think of it like a mash up of Etsy (the artist base), Kickstarter (the crowdfunding platform) and Redbubble (product fulfillment). Art Launch will give artists the opportunity to express their creativity through various product types, and will allow fans to support artists through the crowdfunding platform. However, since we at Art Launch will be fulfilling product orders, it eliminates the risk posed by conventional crowdfunding sites. Here’s a quick breakdown of how Art Launch works:

    • A product type is determined by Art Launch

    • Artists submit designs for the specified product

    • Artists’ submissions go into a “pre-launch” period where a design must sell a certain amount to reach the predetermined goal

    • The design will go live anytime after reaching its sales goal, or will be removed if it does not reach the goal

    • Production of items will begin after the sale ends

We’re fans of art and pop culture, too! So we want to see our artists succeed as well as make our customers happy. Whether you’re an artist, a fan, or just curious we welcome you to Art Launch and thank you for being a part of our venture. You’re stellar!